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These luxurious candles melt down to skin safe oils that are perfect for moisturization or massages.

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Introduce another one of your collections. Describe some of its benefits to encourage your customers to explore more.

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  • I’ve bought SWEETNESS 6 times already !

    “Sweetness” makes me feel like I’m sipping a Pina colada on a balcony in the islands listening to Beres Hammond. Not too overbearingly sweet like bubble gum but JUST ENOUGH sweet with vanilla coconut mango and a touch of peach. It’s so different! Every time I place an order, I re-up on Sweetness. So BOMB!

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  • Bubbly Bliss

    I ordered the Bottomless Bubbly candle just in three days before for Valentine’s Day and it arrive in LA in time! The packaging was perfect, my candles were professionally wrapped and safe for travel. It also included matches, which I used every one of!! lol

    The candle is beautiful! It’s pink and sparkly and comes with two wicks! We lit the candle in the shower and it filled the steamy bathroom with sweet and warm scents!

    Loved it!!

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  • My favorite!

    I love this candle! Smells so fresh, light and elegant. Love the playlist on the QR code too. Definitely rebuying!

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  • Amazing

    I finally got a chance to use this candle and darling, get it ASAP! This is the most innovative candle. Two in one? Genius! It smells amazing and for the oil part, let’s just say it came in very handy for some nightly massages after a long day. If you don’t get anything else, get. that. one. Thank me later.

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